Country-side and nature breaks

amuletsWe invite you to an authentic Siberian village Tyulyuk (Tuluk) situated in the Ural Mountains (800 meters above sea level). Urals is the region in the heart of Russia, right to the west of legendary Siberia. Urals – is a world of wildlife and true romance. Come and witness the most mysterious Russian places!

We'll meet you in airports of Chelyabinsk or Ekaterinburg!
taigaUnique nature
Discover the Ural Mountains with their wonderful panoramas, virgin forests and healing spring rivers. You can breath pure air and drink clear water just from rivers. If you go to the forest you can meet... a wild animal! Of course it’ll be a fox or a hare. Oh, please… don’t forget to take a camera!
srubTraditional Russian life
Live like a real Siberian! Our guest houses have conventional design and are built from wooden logs without nails.

Traditional activities
Join us fishing and mushrooming, hiking and riding horses, making amulets and more. Try Russiаn banja (steam bath) – you’ll love it!
borschNational food
Try many original dishes such as borshch, okroshka, blini and pelmeny. Enjoy the variety natural tastes. Mmm… delicious!

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